I Was Scared but Made Sure I Went to the Best Los Angeles Dermatologist

I had a mark on my abdomen that scared me. It looked to be a reddish color and was like a small lump. It was not perfectly round, and I heard those are ones you need to have looked at. I wanted the best Los Angeles dermatologist to take a look at it. I was afraid it was skin cancer, but I am not a doctor. I was nervous waiting for my appointment time to come. I was working myself up thinking how it could spread and all kinds of stuff. I was reading stuff online and making myself more nervous. Then I would find encouraging news on how catching it early and having it removed makes it so there is a much less chance of any spread.

The day of my appointment I shared with the receptionist and then the nurse how I was nervous about what the doctor would tell me. The wait for the doctor to come into the room felt like hours even though it was probably less than five minutes. I shook hands with the doctor and got a big smile. The instantaneous diagnosis was that I had a hemangioma. The word sounded scary, but the additional words of the doctor that immediately followed put me fully at ease. It was nothing, and it could be removed in a couple of minutes. All I had was a proliferation of tiny blood vessels in the area.

I got the full exam though. The doctor removed a skin tag too. That had been annoying me for years. I should have went in much earlier. Every mole, discoloration and skin anomaly was examined by the doctor. I did not have anything that looked like skin cancer. Plus, I walked out with information of what to look for when doing a self-exam for suspicious things on the skin that should warrant a visit to a dermatologist.

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