An introduction to the primier health chiropractor

Who is a chiropractor?
A chiropractor is the name given to a doctor who focuses on the spine. Chiropractors are not medical doctors and they do not have the medical specification. However they possess a doctorate degree in chiropractic and are more specialized in the spinal training than what a general medicine doctor provides for.

What does a chiropractor do?
The commonest therapeutic procedure performed by the chiropractors is ‘spinal manipulation’ which is also known as ‘chiropractic adjustment’. This restores the mobility of the joint by the manual application of controlled force into those joints which have become restricted in their movement due to some tissue injury that might have occurred.
This tissue injury is often caused by either a traumatic event such as an improper lifting of some heavy object or due to recurring stress as a result of being in an awkward position with a poor spinal posture for a long time.
Under both circumstances, the injured tissues undergo physical and chemical changes which result in inflammation, pain or results to a diminished function for the sufferer.
Therefore when the chiropractors indulge in spinal manipulation, the patients get relief from pain and muscle tightness as the tissues heal and there is a restoration in the mobility.

Procedures undertaken:
The chiropractic doctors usually examine their patients by undergoing procedures such as clinical examination, laboratory testing, diagnostic imaging and various other diagnostic interventions which is necessary for determining which chiropractic treatment is suitable or which one is appropriate and which one is not.
Once assessment is made, it may be found that the patient’s condition requires other health care, and under such circumstances the chiropractors refer the patients to appropriate health care providers.

Who is the Premier Health Chiropractor?
Dr. Sean Clark who heads the ‘Premier Health Chiropractor’ was born and raised in the Orange County and ever since his childhood he wanted to become a Chiropractor. However as fate would have it, in his early days Dr. Clark fell off from the bike and found him unable to do anything on his own.
It was then that Dr. Surracci acted as his godfather and it was a miracle that he got cured.
It was then that Dr. Sean Clark was completely affirmative that he would cure others who face similar problems with their health.
It was with this personal promise that Dr. Sean Clark built up the ‘Premier Health Chiropractic’ in the Newport Beach.

Services they provide:
The main services that are provided by the Newport Beach Chiropractic are as follows:
Medical massage: this is a treatment that is aimed to be provided to those who have already been diagnosed and who have already been prescribed by a physician. The therapist usually uses a variety of procedures for the treatment wherein he focuses mainly on those parts of the body which have been diagnosed and prescribed. The massage therapy is the best way for restoring the suppleness and for the provision of the strength of muscles, alleviation of the stress, improved circulation and increased flexibility of the motion.
Electrical stimulation: this procedure as its name says it uses electric current creating a contraction in a single muscle or in a group of muscles. The therapists place the electrodes on the skin in the various locations and recruit the appropriate muscle fibers. Such stimulation is also known as TENS unit.
Ultrasound therapy: this therapy makes the use of high frequency sound waves that allows the production of a deep heat so that the pain of the tissues is reduced. This is the best procedure of healing without causing any irritation. Not only does this process heals the pain but also speeds up the metabolism, improves the circulation, softens the scar tissue and reduces the chronic inflammation.

Are you facing back problems? Is the pain unsustainable? Then call ‘Premier Health Chiropractors’ immediately and avail the best services. You can call them at (949) 872-4897.

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