The American Board of Managed Care Medicine

The American Board of Managed Care Medicine (ABMCM) was formed in 1995. It exists to advance the quality of health care in America by administering a certification program.

The ABMCM certification program offers health care professionals a voluntary, national examination testing competence to deliver a defined set of behaviors related to patient centered care to member populations of health plans. 

The ABMCM has been granted IRS status as a not-for-profit 501(c)6 organization because of its commitment to promote excellence and professionalism among health care providers who choose to accept patients from public and private sector health plans .

The ABMCM examination has been developed and reviewed by physicians with practical experience in managed care and peer acceptance as physician leaders.

Today’s purchasers of heath care are looking for quality and value for the health care dollars entrusted to them either as premium dollars from private sources, tax dollars from public sources, or both. In such a quest they look for physician providers who earn good report cards and consumer satisfaction ratings as well as accept responsibility for health care outcomes.

The certification process of ABMCM is an opportunity for health professionals to tell employers, health plan medical directors, insurance companies and other evolving forms of managed or integrated health care, that as an ABMCM certificate holder her or she has an understanding, skill-set and commitment to provide quality and vlaue to its members.